About 383

In light of all courses moving online due to COVID-19, the following adjustments have been made in COMSTRAT 383:


  • All course content will still be housed in the COMSTRAT 383 course blog
  • See the updated Assignment list
  • Students will still use Blackboard to turn in assignments
  • A combination of video lectures and lecture slides will be provided to cover select remaining topics. Reviewing and viewing these materials will be optional
  • Students can still find all pdfs to lectures and tutorials on the course blog
  • Attendance: You do not have to attend class during the normally scheduled time. However, I will be available every Mon, Wed, Fri between 2-3p via Zoom should you want to join in for any discussion, questions, or coaching. Join via link and call-in info provided via email.


  • Please expect to devote about 6 hours/week to wrapping up COMSTRAT 383.
  • Some assignments have been changed including:
    • All assignment deadlines have been extended to Mon, May 4 with the exception of CCE Project work (see below for more information about CCE projects going forward)
    • The Lesson 3 podcast has been removed from the course schedule
    • The podcast assignments in Lesson 3 and 4 have been changed to individual blog posts
    • Micro Projects in Lesson 4 and 5 will be completed individually
    • You will still be expected to complete reading assignments and end-of-chapter quizzes
    • You are still expected to complete all five phases of your Online Portfolio
  • I plan to progress-grade each week so please turn in assignments when you are ready
  • It is vital for you to read all emails, announcements, and assignment instructions thoroughly and carefully. You will be expected to continue following all assignment instructions. 


  • If you would like to meet with me outside of class time, please schedule an appointment with me through Calendly


  • Please continue to communicate with your CCE Leads as you wrap up Lesson 3 tasks. Please turn your work you’re your CCE Lead.
  • CCE project work will continue in Lessons 4 and 5 – the scope will just shift from our original plans. Stay tuned for more information coming from your CCE Leads.
  • CCE Leads will set up times to meet with individual teams via video conference.
  • You will need to work with your CCE Leads to get assignments, parameters and due dates. You will turn in all CCE project work to your CCE Lead. Grades will be entered into Blackboard manually by me.

Other Info

Your Instructor

Rebecca L. Cooney, MS
Clinical Associate Professor, Strategic Communication
Director, Murrow Online Programs
Research Associate, Center of Excellence for Natural Product-Drug Interaction Research

Office Hours: Schedule on Calendly

Course Overview

Writing is the foundation of professional public relations practice. COMSTRAT 383 is a course in multi-channel public relations writing designed to create polished, capable writers who are skilled and efficient at diverse styles of writing. The curriculum capitalizes on foundational writing skills acquired in previous courses – taking the various pieces of a puzzle already formulated in order to create the full picture. In prerequisite courses, you learned how some communication writing basics. 383 will teach you why it matters, what your writing can do and how you should use the work so it is not only well-written and meets criteria – but that it actually accomplishes established goals.

Media Strategies and Techniques is a writing course for undergraduate students poised to generate or improve expertise in writing for communication and promotional materials including public relations, advertising, digital media (blogs, web content, email, social media), print publications, company messaging and business papers. Think of this course as writing for multiple channels using best practices and industry standards for promotional communications, storytelling, campaigns and technical materials. When you leave this class you will have a series of written and visual pieces worthy of your portfolio, as well as the confidence to tackle any task handed to you. It is my goal to aid in your success and growth as a professional communicator.

The course is designed to teach writing techniques and best practices for both digital and print platforms and will encompass standards from both a PR and advertising perspective. In general, the work you create in this course is designed to prepare you for immediate application, as well as serve as featured pieces in your coursework portfolio. The course is broken into multiple lessons representing each week of class and covers a series of topics from writing for public relations to reputation management.

Course Syllabus

Please visit the Course Syllabus page for more information about:

  • Course learning goals
  • Course expectations
  • Course professionalism
  • Lesson outline for spring 2020
  • Assignments and grading
  • Student learning outcomes
  • Policies and procedures

The required e-Textbook is “Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques”, 8th edition by Dennis L. Wilcox and Bryan H. Reber. ISBN #9780134010465.  Order from The Bookie to get an access code. Additional access information will be provided by the instructor. Learn more