Week 8: Mar 2-6

Snapshot of this week’s activities

This week officially marks the half-way point of the semester. Midterm grades will be posted Mar 4 so you can see your progress so far. If I have any concerns about any individual student, I will reach out personally for further discussion.

  • Mar 2: News releases and feature stories, intro to L3 Micro Project
  • Mar 4: L3 CCE project work day
  • Mar 6: Media kits, online newsrooms, publicity photos

Your to do’s for Lesson 3

All graded tasks are due Mon, Mar 23 at 11:59p

  • Reading and end-of-chapter quizzes: Ch5: Writing the News Release AND Ch6: Preparing Fact Sheets, Advisories, Media Kits, & Pitches
  • Micro Project: Earned, Owned, Shared Writing Suite
  • Online Portfolio: Phase 3: Showcasing Your Best Work and Providing Context
  • Podcast: Episode #2 – “Triggered”
  • CCE Project*: Select tasks related to your CCE partner’s PR, social media, outreach and promotional efforts

*Actual CCE project deadlines may vary according to client needs and priorities. CCE tasks may also include meet-ups, reports or presentations to clients as needed.

See the Course Schedule for a complete line up of each class session activities and Assignments for assignment info and links

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