Week 10: Mar 23-27

COMSTRAT 383 Moves Online

Hello! I have spent this week re-configuring the 383 curriculum so it can be 100% online. If you have not done so already, please review the 383 Adaptation to Online for Spring 2020 materials and updated Assignments List.

All assignments are now not due until Mon, May 4 so please self-pace as best you can. I still have a few assignments to post so please bear with me as I get caught up.

Your priorities this week:

  • Read and end-of-chapter quizzes for Ch10: Websites, Blogs, and Podcasts and Ch11: Social Media & Mobile Apps
  • L4 Micro Project: Digital Communications Creative Suite (individual)
  • Online Portfolio Phase 4: Resume, LinkedIn, and Your Digital Footprint
  • Blog Post Topic: Reflections, hopes and fears around COVID-19***
  • Select tasks related to your CCE partner’s PR, social media, outreach and promotional efforts**

**CCE project scope and due dates will be dictated by CCE Leads so please work directly with your Lead should you have questions or need an extension. All CCE project work should be completed no later than May 4.

***I canceled the podcast assignment in Lesson 3 – “Triggered”. To replace podcast assignments in Lesson 4 and 5, students will be asked to create blog posts instead.


Zoom Virtual Meet-Ups during normal class time

You do not have to attend class during the normally scheduled time. However, I will be available every Mon, Wed, Fri between 2-3p via Zoom should you want to join in for any discussion, questions, or coaching. Join via link and call-in info provided via email.

Virtual Office Hours

If you would like to meet with me outside of class time, please schedule an appointment with me through Calendly

Please make it a point to stop in to the Zoom Virtual Meet-Ups at least once this week. I want to check in with every student.

Stay well!


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