Week 2: Jan 20-24

Snapshot of activities for this week:

  • Jan 20: NO CLASS (Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday)
  • Jan 22: L1 CCE project work day and team break-outs
  • Jan 24: Research, story planning, writing, 5W’s, and inverted pyramid. Intro to L1 Micro Project.

Your to do list for Lesson 1:

All assignments due Mon, Feb 3 at 11:50p

  • Reading and end-of-chapter quizzes: Ch1: Getting Organized for Writing AND Ch2: Becoming a Persuasive Writer
  • Micro Project: Research, Style, & Attribution Suite
  • Online Portfolio: Phase 1: Personal Brand, Planning and Site Structure
  • Podcast: Research, Orientation & Intro to Anchor
  • CCE Project: Orientation, Research, & Preparation for your CCE partner projects

See the Course Schedule for a complete line up of each class session activities and Assignments for assignment info and links

Week 1: 383 Kickoff

Jan 13, 15, 17

Hi all. Welcome to COMSTRAT 383: Media Strategies and Techniques for PR! 383 is a writing course for undergraduate students poised to generate or improve expertise in writing for communication and promotional materials including public relations, advertising, digital media (blogs, web content, email, social media), print publications, company messaging and business papers.

This week is the kick off to the course. Key topics this week include course overview, becoming a PR professional, intro to The Business of Story “What’s Your Story” booklet, overview of the PESO Model, and intro to Center for Civic Engagement partners.

Your to do’s this week:

Please come to class so you can get oriented and off to a good start. Looking forward to meeting you all the first week of class!