“What’s Your Story” Booklets

The Business of Story

by Park Howell, ’84

As 383 is a writing course, it presents a great excuse to practice writing! Each student will be given a Business of Story “What’s Your Story” booklet during the first week of class. Each week, time will be set aside during class to reflect and write – progressing through the booklet with each prompt. This activity is part of participation and engagement – it is not graded.

Business of Story
“The Story Cycle System™ is distilled from the timeless narrative structure of the ancients, inspired by the story artists of Hollywood, influenced by masters of persuasion, guided by trend-seers, and informed by how the mind grapples for meaning.” – Park Howell


  1. Where in the world have you been?
  2. Who’s your hero?
  3. What’s at stake?
  4. Call to adventure.
  5. Villains, fog, and crevasses.
  6. Enter the mentor.
  7. The road of trials.
  8. Victory is at hand!
  9. The moral of your story.
  10. To be continued…

Meet Park Howell, WSU and Murrow grad 1984

“Park Howell is host of the popular Business of Story podcast – ranked among the top 10% of downloaded podcasts in the world – featuring authors, screenwriters, makers, content marketers and brand raconteurs who will help purpose-driven leaders excel through the stories they tell. Find it on itunes and on businessofstory.com.

Highly sought after — from Liverpool, London and Amsterdam to Washington DC, Chicago and San Francisco, Park has enchanted his audiences with Business of Story keynotes, workshops and mastermind sessions to some of the world’s top brands and institutions for a decade.

He teaches his Story Cycle process, that dovetails with his self-guided storytelling workbook, to international executives in the Executive Masters for Sustainability Leadership program at Arizona State University to help them advance their social initiatives further, faster. “

From Park Howell’s LinkedIn Profile